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Salem Inc. is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the under-served communities of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through comprehensive mentorship, housing support, food assistance, mental health services, and community engagement, we aim to create a foundation of hope, security, and opportunity for all.

Our vision is to foster a thriving, resilient, and inclusive community where every individual has access to shelter, food, mental well-being, and the tools to build a brighter future.

Case Management

We provides direct case management services for men, women, and families ages 14 and up.  Each individual or family is assigned to a case management team. A lead case manager, secondary case manager and supervisor. This team approach allows us to stabilize the family or individual much faster than if one case manager was to handle every aspect of the client’s needs. Case management teams and clients develop a 3-point goal plan to be evaluated 15, 30, 60, 90 days and every 30 days after.

Financial Literacy/Credit Repair

We partners with contracted program support staff  to provide Budgeting/Financial Literacy which includes one on one and group classes. We also partner with Carlos Hawkins, who provides Credit Repair to our participants. The goal is to move participants into solid financial growth and stability. We will partner with Lenders, Developer and Selling agents to produce homeowners and strong community stakeholders. We will not only address the literal space around money - we also address the social, cultural emotional space around money.


We provide mentoring services to youth ages 14-21 with the option to continue case management as needed.  Mentees are assigned to a mentoring team. A lead mentor, a secondary mentor and supervisor. A 3-point goal plan to be evaluated 15, 30, 60, 90 days and every 30 days after. Or as goals have been met before the 30,60,90 day and every 30 days after- benchmark. We work with all government agencies, mental health professionals and other services that are associated with our clients

21 Days of Peace

21 Days of Peace engages in community violence intervention, providing safe passage (for schools, businesses, community events, crime scenes and high traffic areas), community intervention/prevention and surveillance. Intervention workers interact with 30 to 40 youth and adults in our target population per hour, seven days a week

Tutoring and Monitoring

We have initiated a tutoring and grade monitoring program. Mentees will have access to mentoring services 2 days a week and alternate Saturdays. be required to attend tutoring twice a month. Tutors will monitor mentees grades daily, communicate with mentees parents and school staff regarding grades and attendance. Any mentee with a C or below will be required to attend Tutoring until the grade is successfully raised. Salem Inc. will provide a meal during tutoring.

Community Engagement Activities

We provide a minimum of one quarterly community engagement activity that includes but is not limited to  Job fairs, community forums, minority small business development workshops and networking events, community cookouts, victim support groups. Special events such as our annual Making Love Great Again and 100 Men and a 100 1-day forum. We will invite current participants and prospective participants to these events.

Our Values

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